Topp 10: Fantasyfilmer från 80-talet

En topplista över de bästa av alla cheezy fantasyfilmer som gjordes under 80-talet, tillsammans med alla fantastiska filmaffischer, genomarbetade slogans och förvånande rollbesättningar som hör genren till. Eller en enda lång kärleksförklaring till skräpkulturen, om man så vill.

1. Flash Gordon (1980). Max von Sydow! Timothy Dalton! Pathetic earthlings... who can save you now? / He'll save every one of us!

2. The Neverending Story (1984). A boy who needs a friend finds a world that needs a hero in a land beyond imagination!

3. Masters of the Universe (1987). Dolph Lundgren! Courteney Cox! A battle fought in the stars, now... comes to earth / Only the universe could hold adventure this big!

4. The Sword and The Sorcerer (1982). A lusty epic of revenge and magic, dungeons and dragons, wizards and witches, damsels and desire, and a warrior caught between / A kingdom ruled by evil. A princess enslaved by passion. A warrior driven by justice

5. Highlander (1986). Christopher Lambert! Sean Connery! There can be only one / Don't lose your head

6. Conan the Barbarian (1982). Arnold Schwarzenegger! Max von Sydow igen! He conquered an empire with his sword. She conquered HIM with her bare hands / Thief. Warrior. Barbarian. King

7. Dragonslayer (1981). Peter MacNicol! In the Dark Ages, Magic was a weapon. Love was a mystery. Adventure was everywhere... And Dragons were real

8. The Beastmaster (1982). Tanya Roberts! Born with the courage of an eagle, the strength of a black tiger, and the power of a god

9. Xanadu (1980). Olivia Newton-John! Gene Kelly! A Fantasy, A Musical, A Place Where Dreams Come True / Where time stops and the magic never ends

10. Excalibur (1981). Liam Neeson! Helen Mirren! Forged by a god. Foretold by a wizard. Found by a King / No mortal could possess it! No kingdom could command it!


  • Willow (1988). Val Kilmer! A world where heroes come in all sizes and adventure is the greatest magic of all / Adventure doesn't come any bigger than this
  • Ladyhawke (1985). Matthew Broderick! Michelle Pfeiffer! CURSED FOR ETERNITY...No force in Heaven will release them. No power on Earth can save them.
  • Ronja Rövardotter (1984).

Med reservation för att jag inte sett Legend (1985) ännu. Tom Cruise! Tim Curry! There may never be another dawn / This is such stuff as dreams are made of. This is Legend

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Bonus! Limahl!



1 M:

Då röstar jag för att man kollar på Legend ikväll..

2 Thess:

Älskar Neverending Story! Var min absoluta favoritfilm när jag var liten :D

3 Rikard:

Highlander hade tagit toppen för min del, men jag godkänner överlag dina val.


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